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15 Highly-Paid Part-time Jobs for UK Students in their 20s

Since you have clicked on the following article, we assume you are one of the students looking for a part-time job. And that too, in the United Kingdom. Well, there is no hard and fast rule to that; you can get the job if you are experienced and professional. However, being a UK student can be tough, especially if you are one of the exchange students. 

Anyhow, you still need to earn something to meet the ends at least. And if you are enrolled in a four years program, we have good news for you! You are eligible for some of the highly-paid jobs in the Kingdom. So without making any further delay, let’s dive right into it! 

Fifteen Highest Paid Part-time Jobs for Students in the UK!

Online Tutor 

The first and foremost thing that students in UK should look out for is if someone is searching for an online tutor. They are always looking for an easy solution, and you can also offer your very own expertise. Whether you are good at linguistics, math, or science, you can offer anything you are good at. You hardly need to make an hour from your busy schedule for online tutoring, and you can earn around £15 to £30 per hour. 

Baby sitter 

Suitable for those who love kids but hectic for others because this one right here is not an easy task. You gotta look after children, which is quite a deal. However, the perks of babysitting are countless. For instance, you get to meet different families and learn about their culture and everything. You can learn many things while babysitting; hence, keep this one on the list! 

Social media manager 

Let’s talk about social media management; as we all know, this is something that can be done from anywhere. And today, it is considered to be one of the highest paying part-time jobs in uk for students in their 20s, since the younger generation is much more familiar with social media and internet culture. All you are supposed to do is to help brands get maximum visibility.

Library assistant 

Another one of the highest paying part-time jobs for students is being a library assistant. Now, this will be heaven for you if you are a book lover. If you are enrolled in a long-term program, opting for a job that keeps you close to your institution is wise. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t move but working around the university campus can save a lot of money. Although, the final choice would be yours. 


How does it feel to be fluent in more than one dialect or language? If you are one of the bilinguals, you shouldn’t waste your time here and there. Applying to a renowned firm is better if you have the right amount of experience. Translators in the UK are more likely to earn around £9,160 – £12,945 per annum! It is undoubtedly one of the best paid part time jobs in UK at current times!

Customer service advisor 

Hi, how may I help you? The phrase has become orthodox. If you have ever talked to a customer service adviser, you must have thought of being one of them at least once, right? Now is your chance, if you are looking forward to earning good money, then you opt for this position as well. You can earn approximately around £8,260 – £11,000 annually. 

Animal caretaker 

Just like humans need care, animals also look forward to you being there for them in time of need. It’s pretty obvious that everyone loves their pet but we can’t be with them 24/7. That is why pet owners need good and reliable pet caretakers. £12,710 – £14,320 is good money without any headache so if you can take care of a pet, you better go for it!

Product tester 

The next highly-paid part-time job is for product testers. All these jobs don’t just seem fun; you get to learn so many skills from these positions as well. So about the product tester, as the name suggests, you are supposed to review different products, apps, or websites of certain brands. It is just like Instagram influencers reviewing PR boxes. 


If you think that you are only bound to pay someone to write your essay UK then that’s the half-truth. You are also required to pay a proofreader as well. And if you are a proofreader yourself, you must be aware that you can earn £15 per 1,000 words. All you have to do is to register yourself with websites like Fiver and Pay per Hour.

University ambassador 

Are you good at convincing people? Well then, you should be an ambassador, don’t you think? Plus, how about being a university ambassador? It’s easy money, and you can also make time for it. Your expected pay can vary from institution to institution. However, the least you earn is around £8 per hour.

Database administrator 

If you are looking for a job that includes sitting and computing, this can be your cup of tea. Being a database administrator, all you are supposed to do is to maintain and update information in computer systems as well as in archives. With this part-time job, you can easily make £9,990 – £14,180 annually. 


Everyone has been there at least once in their lifetime. When we find nothing, the last hope remains unchanged, and that is to apply for a receptionist. But you might be amazed that these small positions have the biggest responsibilities. 


If you are a professional and took some experience with you from your hometown, then you better apply for this positive; whether you are a software or app developer, we assure you, you will surely get the position. Hence, you must work on your startup instead of asking people to write my business plan UK

Mystery shopper 

Have you ever heard about a mystery shopper? Neither have us. But we find no harm in trying it because life is a mystery. Anyways, you will be hired by a company and given a budget and you have to shop for them. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Call centre agent

If you are good with words and can sell anything on this earth, then you belong to a call centre, don’t you think? Since the schedule is pretty flexible and the money is good, you better try it. You can earn around £9,000 – £11,360 as a call centre agent.


Each of the following jobs that have been mentioned above is not limited to those who are on tier 4 student visas. If you are a local and think you can do any of the jobs better than anyone, you should also go for it. Don’t limit yourself and try to be the best at everything you do! 

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