Top 8 Affordable Cities in the UK for International Students

Top 8 Affordable Cities in the UK for International Students 2024

Are you one of those students who dreamt of pursuing higher education in the UK but never gave it a second thought?

“Why? Due to financial constraints”.

That is so sad! But we have brought an amazing news for you. “Guess what?”

You can now fulfil your dreams and achieve your career goals by living in one of the cheapest cities in the UK.

We know UK and Higher Studies are interrelated for any ambitious student who simply wants to define his career path in a go.

Hence, to provide you with an easy pick, we have listed the most economical cities in the UK for international students like you.

The Most Affordable Cities to Live in the UK for International Students 2024

Top#1: City, Cardiff

It is one of the amazing yet affordable places to live. Here, you will find bewitching art and music scenes. Its architecture will remind you of the 12th century. It’s a city full of energy and is known as a hub of endless opportunities. You will find very friendly and supportive people here.

You will also see students every eight miles away from the university premises and town. This city is not at all expensive to live in. It will cost you around 185 GBP to 300 GBP on average per month.

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Top#2: City, Cambridge

Cambridge is a small and multicultural city in the UK. It is one of the popular tourist spots, as you can find amazing socio-cultural events and activities here. Also, this city has some amazing historical belongings preserved. Further, students here can plan their visits to museums, art galleries, restaurants and parks.

Additionally, you can easily access the departments, faculties, and colleges by walking or biking. There is no such travel expense. Moreover, here you find a minimum rent for your per week stay, ranging from 120 GBP to 250 GBP.

And not to miss, it is a centre of high-end tech firms like Google, Microsoft, Jagex and Sinclair.

Top#3: City, Sheffield

It is the third-most affordable city for international students in the UK. This city is a big contributor to the UK economy. It is considered to be the best city for students studying business. It has industries of steel production, coal mining, manufacturing, energy production, etc.

According to the Student Living Index, all living essentials are comparatively cheaper here. You can enjoy all the facilities, from entertainment to food, at a reasonable cost. Further, the average housing rent in Sheffield is between 125 GBP to 130 GBP per week.

Top#4: City, Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city and has some prominent universities. Students who study here benefit greatly from its rich culture, education, architecture, and history. This city is also known as a host of museums. You can find the National Scottish Theater, the Scottish Opera and a Scottish Ballet here.

Also, you can have yearly accommodation and study costs here ranging from 9500 GBP to 12200 GBP. However, the cost varies depending on your field and lifestyle.

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Top#5: City, Birmingham

Another major and reasonable city in the UK is Birmingham. It is famous for its outclass restaurants, variety of entertainment programs and aesthetically appealing shops. Here, thirty per cent of the total population is quite young and between the ages of twenty and twenty-five. Also, if you are a sports enthusiast, this city is a treat. You can also find stadiums like Edgbaston Cricket Ground and Historical Golf Course.

The yearly average cost of living here is between 4500 GBP and 6000 GBP. Further, this city appreciates the initiatives for business and economic growth. Another amazing perk this city has to offer is growth opportunities in multi-national ventures after graduation.

Top#6: City, Newcastle Upon Tyne

This city is famous for its universities and is known as’ The City of University’. It is small in population and a hub of international students. Due to its compactness, it consists of a friendly atmosphere. It is diverse from cultural and ethnic perspectives. Here, every six or seven individuals in the city is a student.

Further, for a student living here, the average cost of accommodation, including other expenses, is between 9000GBP and 9500GBP monthly.

Top#7: City, Manchester

Manchester is also known for its low tuition fees, which is why it is quite popular among youngsters who plan to pursue higher studies in the UK. This city comprises old industrial heritage such as the Museum of Science and Industry. It also consists of a famous football ground, ‘Old Trafford’.

Not only this, but it also offers students multiple opportunities regarding internships and part-time jobs. You can find some of the bigger brands here, like Siemens, Adidas and BBC. The cost of living here is between 300GBP and 550GBP per month.

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Top#8: City, Nottingham

It is one of the UK cities with the largest student population. It is the most vibrant and happening city in the UK. No matter what your interest is, it has something to offer you. Here, you will find things like museums, theatres, festivals, art galleries, cinemas, and more.

Its popular fields of study include finance, business, retail, life sciences, and digital media. The universities present here provide growth opportunities to their students by signing contracts with local and international firms. Also, the cost of accommodation here ranges between 950 GBP to 1200 GBP.

Wrap Up!

As you know, the UK is known for its quality education, and the good news is you can take advantage of it by applying to one of the cheapest cities in it. You don’t need to get disheartened. You know what:

“No dream is bigger than your will”

It’s never too late to start and chase your career goals. In this blog, we have briefed you regarding the biggest affordability factor, the cost of living, which is the main concern of every international student. Hence, by picking the right option as per your preference and need, you can also define your career path.

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