How May Intake In UK Is Better Choice For Join Northumbria University London

How May Intake In UK Is Better Choice For Join Northumbria University London?

On a sweet summer afternoon, chilling on the patio… you are thinking about your childhood dream. You have dreamt of studying in London ever since the age of nine. However, you were stuck in a time warp as life progressed. There were exams, there were sports, and there were several other peer pressures.

From your ninth birthday until date, you did what your parents told you. You took paths that people around you were taking. Simply put, you just went on with the flow. Whereas now… now you are a fresh bachelor’s graduate. Now you have an enormous chance to follow your dreams and passions… FINALLY!

Determined once again, you pull your laptop from the backpack and start typing ‘Northumbria University, UK intake’. Soon, a search engine page drops before your eyes, and you skim and scan through it. How wonderful would it be if there were a guide here, you think with a puzzled look. Say less! We have your back.

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Best Intake To Join The Northumbria University London? – A Guide

Studying abroad is no alien concept. Even in ancient times, people would travel months to share knowledge. It has been happening for years now, but have you ever wondered… what is the need? Perhaps not. Let us explore together.

A few possible reasons are learning a new language, gaining a comprehensive outlook, or studying a course that is not available in your country. Moreover, people also want to study in international universities for better career advancement opportunities and to build networks.

Exploring Admittance…

For example, Northumbria University – an international research-focused learning institute. It offers diverse entrepreneurial programmes for candidates from around the world. To enrol yourself as a scholar, first, you need to open the website of the university. Then, you select a course and click ‘Apply Now’.

Next, you fill in the requirements here or use the UCAS code to fill out the application form. After that, you submit all the necessary document proofs online and wait for the call. Soon they will reach out to you, then the proceedings will commence, and in no time, you will be flying to London!

Then, every time a friend or sibling says, ‘write my research paper‘. You can help them with the technicalities using your global perspective and academic learning.

Understanding The UK Intake…

The admission process is quite easy and you must have quickly accustomed yourself to it. You now know how to apply to Northumbria University, but when you should apply is still a mystery.

To begin with, there are three admission windows throughout the university year – September to July. The names of these intakes are fall (Sep-Dec), winter (Jan-Apr) and summer (May-Aug). However, in the UK, the most common two intakes are winter and fall. Each of the admission seasons has its own merits and demerits but there is a strong inclination towards the summer one.

Cherry Picking The Best…

The Northumbria University – NU is one of the popular ones in London, UK. A huge crowd applies for admission to the NU during May. Below are three reasons why:

  • The May intake is in the second half of the year, which gives you more preparation time. Perhaps that is why students prefer May to the January admission window. Moreover, sometimes, the earlier rejected candidates also reapply in this window.
  • Secondly, due to the small number of student batches, at the time of graduation they gain benefits. Sometimes in terms of corporate internships and other times in terms of studies. Fewer students mean less chaos, more focus and so on.
  • Moreover, the small batch size also means that there will be less competition. This further leads to the rejection of very few applications only. Students use this as an advantage for themselves by aiming at the May intake. 

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·         What is the Largest Intake in the UK?

The largest admission window for international students in the UK is in the fall months – September and October. Students have the choice of choosing any of the several scholarly courses during this interval.      

·         What is the acceptance rate for international students in NU – London?

In NU, London foreign students are supposed to pass the English proficiency test as well as the university entrance exam. Each apprentice is required to score at least 63 to 85.5 per cent, for selection.

·         How long does it take to get an offer from Northumbria University?

Whenever a student reaches out to the NU, the official team responds at the earliest. However, sometimes it may take a little while, though not more than 10 working days. The students receive their offer replied within the mentioned timeframe.

·         Does the Northumbria University take interviews?

It depends on the choice of the applicants and, at times, on the course programmes. However, in the majority of instances, wards can select as per their convenience to attend the interview physically or virtually.


It was probably decades ago that enrolling for an international institute was a difficult task. Ever since the technology took over, anything has become possible. For example, now you can be a part of the prestigious Northumbria University without even paying a visit. Everything happens virtually from applying to tests and even interviews.

However, if you want to play smart then we will suggest that you apply for admission during May or in months around it. This is a clever way to escape huge student batches and benefit from lesser competition. Now who does not want to be certain in their selection, especially the ones with lower grades? Surely, all of us do.

Thus, make use of this ingenious way and apply to join the Northumbria University in the May intake only. It is a much better choice, and you will thank us later. So hurry up now and start planning about your course and finances because time is money!