12 best apps that would help you write better essays

12 Apps that Would Make Your Essays Standout in an Instant!

Organization, logic, and order are three key elements behind every exceptional piece of writing. To capture the reader’s attention, you must be skilled at weaving together words with proper grammatical and conceptual context.

As students essays are the form of writing which we come across most frequently. Often enough the word count is limited, but there are different types of essays requiring distinct structures and writing styles. There are basically four broad categories which essay writing can be divided into:

  • Argumentative
  • Expository
  • Critical
  • Narrative

To master each essay type, one needs to specialize in separate areas. It takes time and patience to acquire the skill. However, technology can be a terrific assistant in learning the dos and don’ts of essay writing. Mobile apps specifically tend to be extremely handy as you can access them anywhere. This is why our experts have compiled a list of the topmost 12 apps that would make your essays stand out in an instant! to guide you along. We are sure these apps that write essays for you will be immensely helpful on your writing journey.



If there is an ideal app for enhancing your writing style it is Grammarly. Any errors that you can possibly make in spelling, grammar, or punctuation can be avoided with its help. The app’s online proofreading feature instantly detects any type of flaws in your writing.

Plagiarism is another issue that is a bane for academic writers. But Grammarly takes care of that as well by comparing your work against billions of others. Hiring our Write My Dissertation service is another perfect solution for receiving plagiarism-free academic content. We ensure that you obtain the grades you deserve by providing well-structured, top-quality essays.

Pro Writing Aid


Another effective tool for writers, Pro Writing Aid is a cloud-based copyeditor. It is one of the best essay writing apps to highlight writing errors, review, and edit your work.  Free and paid versions of the app are both available while you can also avail the 14-day trial period. By doing this you can try out all the premium features of Pro Writing Aid and explore their efficiency. 



What could be better than a service which takes the entire burden of essay writing off your shoulders? You will be able to focus much better on comprehending your lectures with experienced writers handling the rest for you. Having insightfully researched and accurately formatted essays delivered right to your doorstep can save much time and effort. This write my essay service can be the answer to all the assignment-related woes experienced by a student on daily basis.      


FreeMind on Windows

Mapping your ideas can be immensely useful for organized writing. FreeMind also allows you to keep track of assignments alongside time recording, subtasks, and their current status. Users can craft essays and brainstorm with this app and manage multiple project details. Its DES encryption prevents the accidental loss of any document that you are working on.        

Libre Office Writer


Next up on our list of essay writing apps for students, is a powerful writing assistant. Students can conveniently create, revise, and edit their work whenever the need arises. The program enables your document to appear neat and professional with the least possible effort. Anything from thesis and reports to presentations can be refined through Libre.    



Note-taking is underestimated by most students. But it is an effective way to record your ideas and impressions about a topic and use them later. A virtual jotting down of notes is even easier as our phones remain constantly accessible to us. With Simplenote you can not only jot down but create a backup for your notes. It also has a search feature which is a true timesaver.

Focus Writer


Another free-of-cost software, Focus Writer is an open-source word processor operable on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Your text can be created and saved through this program in RTF format. It also provides complete statistics of your document, spell-checking, helpful tabs, themes, and a hideaway interface.


Manuscript on Mac

This is a personal favourite of our professionals among the best apps for essay writing. Manuscript is an excellent tool for writing essays or even short stories if you have literary aspirations. Apart from the standard features like spelling and grammar check, it probes deeper into sentence structures to point out flaws. This way you can identify any weaknesses in your writing style and make necessary amends.   


Coggle mind map

Sometimes it is difficult to gather your thoughts in a coherent form. Seamless transitions bring a flow to your writing, but they also require planning beforehand. With Coggle you can create mind maps to visualize the links between concepts. Features like colour-coded paths make using this app all the more interesting.     



We decided to add another note-taking app to this list for your convenience. It can also be used to collect important article clips during online research. One downside is that you exclusively have to be a Mac user for availing this app. May it be creating task lists or recording ideas, Evernote does it all for you.

Essay Shark


For iOS and Android users, Essay Shark is a fantastic writing tool. It links you up with professional writers who provide original content based on your requirements. The app is the best way to acquire top-notch work in affordable prices. You are also allowed to communicate with your writer to clarify any specifications.


Hemingway on Mac

And lastly, we have an app that focuses on an integral stage of essay writing: proofreading. Submitting your assignment without reviewing is a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Hemingway will hone your final draft until it is comprehensive and impactful. It examines your work in detail for any grammatical errors and suggests appropriate alternative options.

In Conclusion

We are sure that these apps will help you achieve your writing goals and bring notable improvements. For further guidance, contact our reliable Help Me Write My Case Study service. We offer expert assistance in academic content encompassing all subjects and fields at the most reasonable prices.  

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