7 things students should consider when drafting a dissertation

7 Things to Consider When Drafting Your Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation plays a very vital role in higher education. It is a gateway to your dreams, a ladder that will help you to climb your aims and your purpose. A student’s life prime motto is to conduct research that will not only be highly acclaimed but, also trashes the boundaries of society.

Drafting a dissertation proposal is one of the most crucial tasks which requires immense determination and skills to research down and break the taboo associated with it. Writing a draft is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires years of exploration regarding that one topic, which can create wonders in the world.

Here we will give you seven pointers that you should look at while drafting a dissertation proposal.

Be clear in your head

What do you want? How are you will going to get it? And, what will be beneficial for you? Ask these questions first to yourself, as to why you want to conduct that particular research. What will be the outcome of that particular topic in the long run, these hypothetical questions will drive your soul. It will ignite your passion, your purpose, and your statement regarding the subject.

Direct and straight

An ambiguous approach and being uncertain about your stature can cause problems while conducting research. If your stance is not clear in the proposal itself, then how can you win a professor or a supervisor’s trust? Being truthful to your approach and your aim, will surely going to pave your way. If you face difficulty at some point simple keywords like “write my dissertation for me” can be your saviour.

Stick to your field

It is always a plus point if you have beforehand information available at your pace. An interest in the background education related to the topic is a necessary segment in constructing your proposal. If you have your education done in a business-related subject you can’t propose a dissertation proposal in the medical niche. It will simply make you look a fool in your approach stick to your forte. Because in the end, this is will be needed to make you go a long way ahead in your career.

Dedicated time

Simply giving one hour to the research from your entire schedule will not going to make it worth it at the end of the day. You have to dive into the ocean to avail the tranquillity of those majestic waves. You have to give a proper dedicated time with zero distraction, to absorb all the possible words, which will be going to make you worthy in the end. Words like how to write a dissertation proposal at the end will make you look weak in your area.

Search the faculty

Hunting down a supervisor which has a background related to the subject of your proposal, is the key element when you want a mentor who can guide you through. When you search for the scholarships for a PhD, you have to search the faculty first. Without that particular department or the teacher, you would stand nowhere and your application will simply be rejected. So it is a very substantial note which should not be overlooked.

Set the methodology

Without setting the blueprint no work can be carried on. You have to be sure what methods will be used while conducting your research, you should choose one of many ways to carry on the proposed work. As the methodology is needed in the thesis proposal, without the format or the rubric no result can be achieved. And, the proposition will look weak in its stance.

Set the time frame

When your research will be completed? What options of study will you choose at the institute? Will you be a full-time student or a part-time one? The tenure of your proposal depends upon the timeline which you have picked. A full-time student can take a maximum of three years to complete his research with his PhD, while a part-time one can take as long as six years. So you have to select the temperament of your study duration with the thesis proposal.


A dissertation proposal is one of the main components which is needed to put a prestigious Doctorate tag along with your name. And to get that you need to give your 101% dedication and hard work into creating that proposal. As it should be related to your field, background research backing it, the methodology of the thesis, and a supervisor who you will be going to assist and can be mentored by him.

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