8 tips for college or university students to write an a-grade essay

8 Tips to Write an A-Grade Essay for Your College or University

Have you ever wondered how many words a person writes in their lifetime? Well, we are looking for that answer too and until we find it out let us tell you another fun fact. Research revealed that the approx. amount of words a normal human speaks is around 860,341,500. If we further break it down, we can assume that there won’t be much difference between written and spoken words.

Even if the estimate is somewhere near ideal, it makes us realize that an average person serves half of his life composing write-ups of debating. Speaking of which, a student might give the correct answer for that. Since we read about it thoroughly, let us share one more informative thing. If you are in freshman year then brace yourself because you are about to write 10 to 15 essays each semester which makes an average of 40 to 60 pages of writing.

So basically, you have a lot on your plate right now and if the thought of it is making you sick already then don’t worry, we have your back. All those students who are panicking because their semester is about to end but have not submitted their assignments yet, need to focus on one thing. You can easily compose an A-grade worthy paper but you might need to pay attention to the requirements of your assignment.

The obstacles

Do you know what is harder than producing an essay? Well, producing it in a language you are not familiar with. If you are majoring in Linguistics or you have one or two mandatory languages in your course then you might have to work on your writing skills all over again because now this is not about the essay but about writing in general. Hence, it is the very reason for penning down this article.

What will you be reading?

In the following article, you will go through a brief explanation of how you should construct your next essay if you are looking forward to securing exceptional grades this semester. Just relax and remember one thing, you are potential enough to face anything, hence, this shouldn’t be a big deal. By the way, did we mention that it takes an average of 4.2 hours to write 20 pages? But it depends on your typing speed too and if the pages are handwritten then the time you are spending would be doubled. Each factor varies from person to person and his ability to write in the given amount of time. But the tips do not vary, hence you can all utilize them.

Outline along with Brainstorming

So how to start an essay? Well, if we have to say it a thousand times we will say it. The outline is the best part of composing any paper. It is just another way of keeping everything in a manner beforehand just so that you know what you are going to say in your essay. It also saves your time and you don’t get second thoughts. Once you get the outline, conduct thorough research and read several articles or blogs about it. It will help you brainstorm. Analyze each thing and always have room for benefit of the doubt. This brainstorm is going to assist you in your writing. There are very few chances of getting bored with your prompt if you have read enough about it. It’s just another way of maintaining your interest throughout.

Avoid cliches

When you use a certain word or phrase a little too much it becomes cliché and loses its meaning. So if you want to create something extraordinary, you better avoid doing this. Now some words might be okay in an article or a blog post and still be considered repetitive in academic writing. Why is that so? Well, because as vast as the field of writing is, each category or niche follows different sets of rules. And usually, when you are working on an assignment or essay, you are expected to pay good attention to all the requirements. Therefore, the more you avoid it the more chances you’ll get to be the topper of your class. You can find many commendable websites that write essays for you online where you can get quite a lot of help from.


Authenticity is the key no matter what you are writing unless it’s fiction. Well, at least we will plenty of options to choose from, Anyways, we have other choices. Perhaps, authenticity is the pillar of any good essay so make sure if you are citing something, you won’t neglect the source that has provided you with the information you needed.

Follow guidelines

Typically when your professors assigned you a topic they also mention the requirements whether those are about the format, word count, font, or pages. So it’s always wise to follow them, however, if you are writing something without any interference whatsoever, you can use your guidelines or standard MS word guidelines.

Moving on to the structure of your essay. It does not matter in which part of the world you live, everyone uses the same structure. A general essay you write at the university or college level includes the following:

Introduction (keep it for the last)

However, you are going to place it on the first page of your assignment but it is better if you compose it after constructing your whole essay. The reason for that is simply because now you know the whole scenario and you can write a better introduction than before. Describe each thing in particular. This will help the reader to understand what he’ll be reading in your essay. But make sure you do it in the last.

Body paragraphs

A standard essay consists of three body paragraphs. The first one, the middle of the main body, and the third body paragraph. In each paragraph, you have to support your argument and while doing that don’t forget that you need to keep it engaging too because it doesn’t take too long to get bored. You can always exceed the word count if you have valid reasons but make sure you have permission to do that.


Here comes the final thing which is the conclusion. Now that you’ve written paragraphs upon paragraphs, you may be thinking “how to conclude an essay?” Well, it’s simple. Conclude everything you have written so far. It should be done precisely though because a concluding paragraph does not need more than 4 or 5 lines. According to us, this is one of the most complex parts of your paper because it is not easy to summarize 1500 to 2000 words into 5 five lines. It takes practice and continuous writing.


Now that you are done with your assignment, keep it aside for some time. Maybe an hour or two or a day approximately then give it a read. It helps you to encounter loopholes a little better. If you proofread your content just after formatting, you are most likely to ignore grammar and spelling mistakes. That’s why you are supposed to wait and clear your mind before you grab those 20 pages and start reading them. Right?

Wrapping it up!

We guess, that’s a wrap-up for the article but we assure you that if you try these tips, you are going to craft a masterpiece and secure that A-grade in class. And even if it doesn’t work out and you end up getting a low grade, then don’t let it get to you. Don’t be one of those students who think it’s okay to work past the deadlines if you are following all the guidelines and keeping up with the requirements. Well, that’s the kind of attitude you need to change. Efficiency is a good thing but you should know the right time and place to use it. We hope that you can take as much advantage of these tips as you can and polish your skill of writing.

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